Aron Matsson

Exhibition: Nox Sanctum


In ”Nox Sanctum” the material aspect of photography is made obvious as the images are made as so called “ambrotypes”, positive photographies made directly on glass with the 

wet plate process, a process from the 1850:s. 

Photographing like this is a slow process where images are made one at a time and each step is affecting the final result making the process almost ritual. 


The end-product then, a unique  object with the time spent trapped in metallic silver, a transformation from chemical fluids to a nobler solid, like an alchemical process. 


“Nox Sanctum” translates from latin to “Holy night” and even if the imagery is religious the inspiration is collected from the occult, with symbols from various esoteric teachings. Tarot, alchemy, Alister Crowleys magick and chaosmagic has been great sources for these personal dark icons. 


Aron Mattsson (b.1985) is an artist and photographer based in Stockholm, where he came in 2011 to work as a photo assistant for acclaimed portrait photographer Thron Ullberg. 

Later also worked with artist photographers Denise Grünstein and Martina Hoogland Ivanow. 

Aron is also a few academic points short of a humanistic bachelor in Art history in combination with philosophy and aesthetics so he stands with one foot in art-theory and one in the practical craftsmanship of photography. He's work often touches on the material aspects of photography and thus he mostly uses analogue mediums. 







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