Marcelo Ferreira Gustafsson



We are made of internal and external layers. They can be perceived as scattered or disconnected but will always be in connection to our entity and being. 
Some layers can be redressed and some we must coexist with. 
DIASPORA investigates the relationship between our layers and how they scatter and interacts among us as materialized objects.




Marcelo Ferreira Gustafsson is born in 1993 Recife, Brazil, Situated in Stockholm. 
His artistic practice shares similarities to an archeologist. 
By “unearthing” and collecting materials he also collects stories and evidential matter. Through deconstruction He force them to take place in discussions around belonging.


“Jewelry as a subject is essential to my practice as a cultural phenomenon that becomes activated and deactivated through the body. I wish for my pieces to be activated as remanent devices through the everyday life”

Marcelo has a Master’s degree in Craft (2016-2018) and a bachelor degree in Jewelry and Corpus art (2013-2016) from Ädellab, Konstfack.



Instagram: sanatorium_sarepta

CU:BE Gallery

Grindsgatan 33, 118 57 Stockholm

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