Linda Sturesson &

Patrik Agemalm

"Diskvalificering av det positiva"


A unique collaboration between creative genres, where authorship meets art in a stripped-down and direct way.

Linda P. Sturesson's debut novel "Diskvalificering av det positiva" becomes a source of inspiration and drawing blocks for the artist

Patrik Agemalm. Their worlds are intertwined and the results are shown in a joint exhibition at CU: BE Gallery



Disqualification of the positive appeared earlier this year at Book publisher Mormor.Between the lines of this naked feel bad novel rests black humor and crassness. Life is largely about survival and one's death may well be the other's bread. At the same time, that everyday life may well cause anyone to break down regardless of diagnosis. Or?




Linda (P.) Sturesson is the author of Disqualification of the Positive (Book publisher Mormor 2019), project leader in evaluation and postgraduate students at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.


Patrik Agemalm is a graphic designer, animator, director and artist who has previously exhibited in Stockholm and Berlin.

2017 - Oberfett, Hamburg, Germany.

2018 ¬– Bellmansgatan 22. Stockholm. Sweden.

2019 - CU: BE Gallery. Stockholm. Sweden

CU:BE Gallery

Grindsgatan 33, 118 57 Stockholm

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