Jonas Fransson

5 years with klubb död


A recap of the years passed through the viewfinder of my camera.

According to my catalog in Lightroom there are 36 000 shots.

This time around we will have to settle for my favourites,




I have always been interested in photography but it was first when I started to work with 
KLUBB DÖD it all made sense. It’s thrilling to shoot a concert with bad prerequisites (such as bad lighting, backlighting, fast movements and a very limited space to work on). 

In an environment you can do nothing about, you have to use it, instead of fighting against it.


I don’t care much for the “perfect” photo with perfect sharpness etc. The shots I choose is the one that talks to me in some way. It’s more important to capture a feeling. 
Sometimes it can be the energy of the band or the crowd, you can almost feel the sweat dripping from the roof. Or a rare moment of intimacy or affection, a quick gaze or a smile.




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