Filip Palmén

s t r u c t u r e s


‘structures’ is a tale of origin and serves as a landmark in setting up the dreamscape of Filip Palmén. He has worked persistently to find means to realize his vision, combining practical and digital effects over the past year. Based on the concept of overcoming suppression by overcoming oneself, ‘structures’ journeys inside to explore and find the constructs that bind us.


Palmén’s rings are charged with the visuals portraying the concept surrounding them, turning them into something more than mere adornment. He aims to depict his creations in a way that is believable to the viewer and furthermore, providing the wearer with a stronger connection to the jewellery.




Filip Palmén started sculpting at an early age, but it was not until 2011 that the sculptures turned into pieces of jewellery. When graduating in 2016 from the MA jewellery art programme at the Royal College of Art in London, he was awarded Best Work in Silver and has since exhibited both in Sweden and abroad. Today Palmén has an atelier in Stockholm, where he continues to carve and refine every piece by hand.





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CU:BE Gallery

Grindsgatan 33, 118 57 Stockholm

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