Sara Gewalt

Burning trails 2019


”My work revolves around an intuitive method that I use to explore the subconscious. I allow emotions and memories to take physical form in order to create stories in my sculpting. 

A meeting of the hand and the thought in which the subconscious and conscious build in unison. 

A world in which nothing is what it seems.


Burning Trails is a sensation of things that have left a glowing mark that would not be smothered. A burning trail that has illuminated the way forward and beyond. It exists in my dreams and in that which is hidden. Those who search shall find...”




Sara Gewalt was born in 1984 in Stockholm. 

She went out Konstfack last year where she attended the Bachelor program Ceramics and Glass. 

This is her first solo exhibition since graduating in 2018.




Instagram: saragewalt

CU:BE Gallery

Grindsgatan 33, 118 57 Stockholm

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